Create Local Data Warehouse 

Maintain Local Data Warehouse

Student IPEDS reporting

Program Review

Strategic Planning

Data analysis professional development 

Setting up SAS capacity

Certificate Initiative Implementation and Training 

Percent of courses in a program online

Faculty FT/PT Analysis

Faculty Credentials Review

Basic Skills Analysis

PowerBI Professional Development

SAS professional development create user groups

General Assessment skills Professional Development

Student Learning Outcomes Professional Development

Course fill-rate set-up

Course Fill-rate grouped by Program of Study

FTE by _____ Reports

  • Location
  • Student style
  • Prefix
  • Program

Historical course fill analysis as compared with current rates

Scheduling efficiencies by program of study

  • Are all my POS courses covered? Scheduling audit, efficiency.

Scheduling efficiencies by building/room

  • Are my spaces beat utilized?

Scheduling efficiencies by faculty member 

  • Which areas are most ripe to hire a FT faculty member?

Hosted Course Fill Rate Report 

Development of local Key Performance indicators, for SACSCOC 8.1

Report Automation PD with Informer and SAS

Error logic automation with Informer

Long range planning communications with SAS

5R11 data update and maintenance 

5R11 friendly/backwards compatible

COVID contagion report

College health assessment

Program health assessment 

Facilitate a strategic planning retreat/workshops

Student clearinghouse FTP automation 

Ten numbers every CC should know

Title III FWS Waiver Application

General Education Outcomes development

General Education Outcomes data analysis

General Education Outcomes data collection

IPEDS Oct. 15 fall enrollment capture

Fall enrollment verification (check fall cohort assignment with NSCH)

Application processing 

Application analysis

Application completion indicators

Program review return on investment analysis

MS Teams hosted documentation 

Run mission critical processes between IE/IR transitions

Serve as a hiring consultants for job description reviews

CRC Program Analysis from Equity perspective

Course evaluation & use of results

Survey analysis – quantitative and open comments

Use of survey results – professional development

Equity Analysis Reports for Student Access and Course Success

Course Success benchmarking 

8.1 College Level Development 

8.1 College Level Data Collection and Analysis

Enrollment – Transmit to transcribe, benchmarked by ethnicity and race (can use for 8.1)

National Student Clearninghouse PDP data upload

National Student Clearninghouse Prior Enrollment and Subsequent Enrollment Upload File Prep

Course Analysis

  • Toxic course combos
  • Advising lists for placement into gateway classes (ACA, MAT, ENG)

Financial Aid Withdraw reports – week-to-week comparisons for FA processing. 

CCPP/duel enrollment grade reports (PDF)

CCPP/dual enrollment schedules (PDF)