A Better Future Through Analytics


Develop automated data flows and analytics to create a positive force in the world.
Andrew Walker

Greater Insight

Look deeper into the issues. Find value added.

It is easy to confirm our own bias. It is easy to find the quick answer.  But, we must aspire to higher aspirations when finding the truth through data exploration.

Push Self and Technology

Learn greater skills.
Be more efficient.

Everyday we are given the opportunity to learn a new skill. We all must push ourselves just a bit harder to become better at our craft. 

Be the Competitive

Be the advantage. Instill competition within self and between friends.

We are the difference when we take initiative to go from 100% to 101%. Be the difference you want to see.  Apply some grit.

How Walker Does it


Innovative Strategies

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic Insights Through

  • PowerBI
  • Python
  • SAS
  • SQL of all flavors
  • Informer 4
  • Automation
  • Statistics
  • Validation Process Flows
From Rows and Columns to Insight

Personalized Analytics

Quality research projects, data flow, data warehouse set-up and management systems require focused energy to succeed.  One must spend time with and truly understand the underlying data to fully get the most out of a system.  This is where experience and expertise give one a competitive advantage.